Dancehall veteran and comedian/popular selector Tony Matterhorn are at each other’s throats again. Numerous posts by the pair on social media last night showed them exchanging insults in a heated war of words.

The argument seemingly developed after Tony Matterhorn posted a screenshot of the ‘Warlord’s’ page which highlighted some photos liked by the Killer. The photos were that of ‘sirenareal 23’ who turned out to be a transvestite.

The screenshot of the photos were posted to Matterhorn’s page with the caption:

“The clan agents has spotted an enemy target liking up the pics on the suspect’s page can anyone in the clan verify over and out. Please report which enemy was spotted and confirm the identity, over!”


His followers began reposting the picture and hundreds of comments began pouring in.

Social media users had a lot to say about the post. Some refused to believe the post came from the Killer’s page while others expressed they had no doubt it came from the ‘Warlord’, some even went as far as to state the Killer’s ‘secret’ has finally been exposed.

The post had been receiving so much attention that it caught the eye of the ‘Warlord’ himself. Clearly angry about the post, the Killer took to his own social media pages to set the records straight. In a lengthy post Killer claimed his social media pages were hacked by Matterhorn.

“Bulletin to all my fans,” the post began. “Be aware that Foney Matterhorn, Batterhorn, Cockerhorn or wah him waah name make him b***y friend dem hack into my IG account earlier and like shemale pics then screenshot it and trying to say I liked b****man pic too,” it continued.

He went on to make it clear that he did not like the pics and claimed it was an attempt by Matterhorn to paint him in a bad light.

Shortly after Bounty Killer made that post, Matterhorn used his page to address Killer’s accusations. The controversial selector denied the Killer’s claim stating that if he or anyone of his followers hacked the ‘warlord’s’ page, they would have done much worse.


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