Paparazzi Jamaica has just gather some information on Dancehall’s warlord Bounty Killer new side girl he’s with now.

Based on information sent to JamaicanMateyGroupie we understand that she’s willing to do anything to make it to the top of the chain.


i want to be anonymous. this is bounty killer girl friend. she said she a date him fi get little fame. she say she want safaree or alkaline next.

this b*tch is so dirty she she is know to get a lot of stds because man trick her, them say there are going to take her on shopping spree and after she mek them f**k they don’t take her. she is trying to be in the pageant world but she get cut every time.

she is trying to get a come up so she will do anything. she bleach and got a lot of work done. this girl is really nasty. she flight go a jamaica go f**k bounty every one and he is twice her age. she said she don’t care about all the kids he got and his age cause she just trying to make it. just want to tell bounty be careful. look how she bleach out herself.

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