Nothing hurts more than a loss of your child. Many people can’t imagine the pain and sorry you feel and go through after your child dies. But a lot of people can’t even imagine the thoughts and feelings going through their head after accidentally being the cause of their child’s death. It’s unimaginable.

Recently some shocking footage has emerged on the internet. The footage shows a father playing with his son in a supermarket. The pair appeared to be having fun while shopping, up until it all goes wrong and the father accidentally kills his son. It’s terribly tragic, and the pain he must have felt is unimaginable.

It was something many people are regarding as a freak accident. The man was simply playing with his child in the supermarket when he was tugged backwards and ended up landing onto his small son.

An onlooker tried to stop the man from landing on his son, but unfortunately, it was too late. The fatal blow had been struck.


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