A two-hour operation carried out by the Spaldings police on Monday in the community of Baillieston, Clarendon, resulted in a missing 15-year-old girl being found and a man taken into custody.

It is reported that the minor, who went missing on March 9, was found when a team, acting on intelligence, went to a construction site in search of two men. It is further reported that the men ran after spotting the police. However, they were chased and one was apprehended.

Craig McLeod, the man who was caught, was taken to his residence in another section of the community where he and the other man who escaped live. A search of their premises was conducted, and the 15-year-old female was found hiding in a cellar (basement).

Sexual Intercourse

Information reaching THE STAR is that the minor was interviewed by in the presence of her mother, and she (minor) reported that she was staying at the house with one of the men. She also said she engaged in sexual intercourse during her stay there.

Further investigations revealed that McLeod, who has control of the premises, was aware of what was happening with the minor. The police say that this constitutes criminal matter under the Sexual Offences Act.

In the meantime, the man who escaped is being sought by the police to answer to allegations of abduction and having sexual intercourse with a person under the age of 16 years. He has been identified as Anthony Richards, also of Bailleston.

Richards is being asked to turn himself over to the Spaldings police.


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