Daughter of 68-year-old Jasilin Campbell recall her mother complaining about severe abdominal cramps 3 days before her death. Jasilin was found dead in bed shortly after 8pm Saturday night.

Autopsy show undigested plastic inside the elderly woman which is said to be a factor in her death.

FAKE Eggs to FAKE Rice. Some Foods to be Aware Of That Could KILL YOU! [VIDEOS INSIDE]

It is difficult to know if you bought fake rice just by looking at it. But, if it’s cooked, you will surely notice the difference. There are victims who said that the rice remains hard even when it’s already cooked.

You could also see that the plastic film will form on top of the rice. If heated, the plastic film can be burnt. Just imagine what happens to it inside your body once eaten. Health experts have warned consumers to be extra careful with the rice they are purchasing as it can cause serious damage to our health or death.


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