Gay man shot 17 times in New Kingston last night. A gay man was last night shot 17 times in New Kingston while on vacation in Jamaica.The young gay man was shot by a man who then videoed himself hurling kicks and blows to his head.

The video of the murder of the alleged gay youth, who is believed to be around age 19 to 21, has since gone viral on social media after being posted a couple days ago.

PhotoGrid_1466793267472The young man was dressed in what would be deemed as female clothes as he laid in a pool of his own blood from the blows that he received as well as the gun shot wounds. A large stone laid over his head where blood was gushing out.

It’s not clear whether he is still alive or conscious as the rocks break his skull.

You can hear homophobic slurs, clearly said with a Jamaican accent, yelling: ‘Batty man yuh fi dead!’ This means, ‘Gay, you should die’.

The identity of the murdered youth and many of the other details of the stoning are still unknown. Some have reported the victim was gay and had visited underground gay venues in Kingston.

GSN has seen the video but has decided it is too horrific to embed on our site. You can view it here.


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