I’m about to write this article and wondering if the world has gone INSANE selling positive pregnancy testers so females can trick their partners in believing they are pregnant, like wow.

And females are buying these products, well “Gold Diggers“, and by my guess it should be working on some poor fellow out their who hasn’t seen this article as yet. GOOD NEWS! it hasn’t been 9 months yet since the product has been on the market so guys if your girl came to you with news that she is pregnant i recommended you to go to the nearest convenience store and purchase a pregnancy and watch her while she takes it over.

I’m glad i am currently single and not sexually active so no “Gold Digging” female can try that stunt with me, below i will provide the image of the “Positive Pregnancy Testers” so you can spot the action before it happens.




To them ladies…

I’m selling positive pregnancy testers with R200, you’ll take it and show it to your man/side nigga and you advise you wanna go for abortion so he could give you +/- R2500 then you go buy the Weave and the Avon set he never bought for you.

NB: Stock only available a week before month end.

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