Reports from the Vendetta Camp are that Alkaline has been targeted by Hackers seemed to be Jamaicans, not sure of how they came by that conclusion but they said it wasn’t the first attempt.

Sources also reported that on the first attempt they stoleĀ his personal items off his smartphone which led to the first initial release that he was usingĀ ‘Contact Lens’ and that his eyes were not tattooed.

Paparazzi-Jamaica-Alkaline1Also, Hackers also released some of his singles from his album ‘Level Unlocked’ months before released date.

Once again they found a way to access the dancehall artist bank account and stole $6 Million Jamaican dollars without leaving any trace behind having the Alkaline worried and insecure of his assets.

The police detective team and the bank is looking into the matter, no information was provided on which banking company was the target of this.

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