Reports circulating on Social Media is that a supporter of the JLP party was shot 7 times in the upper body by gunmen from the PNP party.

It’s said that the man known as “Gavin” was walking along the road representing his party when men from from the opposition party confronted him an shot him.

The police said that there probing the incident an are following strong leads to bring the gunmen to justice.

Paparazzi Jamaica will keep you updated as the story develops…

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ST JAMES, Jamaica – The police have identified the second man killed in last night’s shooting at a Jamaica Labour Party mass rally at the Sam Sharpe Square in Montego Bay, St James.

He has been identified by his alias ‘Chow’ of Goat Pen in Flanker.  According to the police source, he is an active member of a gang in the area.

The police this morning identified the first victim as 22-year-old Javin Campbell, otherwise called ‘Javinci’, who they say is also a member of a gang that operates in the Flanker community of St James.

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