Young man stabbed to death in Drewsland, Kingston yesterday, its alleged that he was stabbed in the neck by his baby mother during an altercation

Word from persons from the area stated that….

“It wasn’t a case of domestic abuse, she was fighting with another girl in the community & he went to part them & out of anger and arrogance she stabbed him , she never did it intentionally”

“Self-defence my phuck’n ass,she love bully the phuck’ yute yuh know how much walk him walk her out and she carry her pregnant ignorant ass round weh the yute deh stab him kill over completely phuckry…suh now the baby weh she a carry maybe born a jailplus the one she has both now fatherless and motherless”

“Rip ute a longtime da gal deh gwaan like she a bully is a pity she did affi mek ur duppy all outta ignorance. Everytime she and ppl have ntg she run gne fi knife set deh now leave her own child fatherless and motherless. Wicked piecea a act can jus imagine how fi him family especially his mom feel.”


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