Police have launched a manhunt for a group of men who allegedly attempted to kidnap two females along Washington Boulevard in St Andrew on Wednesday afternoon.

Reports reaching Loop News is that at about 1:10 pm, the females travelled to the busy roadway to take a taxi cab when criminals posing as taxi operators pulled up.

What followed later was reportedly like a scene from a movie.

“The girls were standing at the bus stop when the car drove up,” said one woman who claimed she was an eyewitness.

“When the car stopped, one of the females was about to enter the vehicle but stopped after seeing a group of men in the motor car,” the alleged eyewitness added.

Realising that the females were not entering the vehicle, two men from the group allegedly exited and started to walk away as if they had reached their destination.

The females decided to enter the vehicle afterwards and, when they did so, the two men made an abrupt turn, re-entered the vehicle from both sides and locked the doors.

The driver then sped off, Loop News understands.

However, there was reportedly a tussle inside the moving vehicle as the females kicked and screamed while the men attempted to restrain them.

Eyewitnesses said the tussle resulted in the car swerving left and right, which continued for a few metres until the men saw a police vehicle travelling along the road way.

“When they saw the police vehicle some distance away. In a panic the men pulled over to the side of the road and allowed the females to jump from the vehicle,” an alleged eyewitness told Loop.

Tyres screeching, the men reportedly made a hasty retreat from the location, escaping in a nearby community.

Police from motorized patrol have since launched a search and an investigation into the matter.

Police have also issued a warning for members of the public to refrain from taking rogue taxi operators as criminals continue to use that mode of transport to commit crimes against unsuspecting passengers.


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