Meek Mill left Nicki Minaj because she did not tweet his “Lame A**” diss song which was targeting Drake but all that is understandable due to her and Drake’s relationship.

“She got 25,084,322 Barbs and she didn’t wanna send not one of them bitches to my rescue. I’m still in the low millions on Twitter” Said Rapper Meek Mill in a profanity fueled Instagram rant late Thursday night.

Meek Mill released a diss track entitled “Wanna Know” that was complete garbage and the internet didn’t waste time letting the rapper know how they felt about the track.

‘It’s complicated. I think they took their relationship too far, too fast,’ one of Minaj’s best friends told the site.

Nicki – born Onika – was clearly enamored with Meek having collaborated on tracks Big Daddy, Buy a Heart and, most recently, All Eyes On You.

It must have been embarrassing for the former American Idol judge when Drake’s second diss track Back to Back demolished Meek in a social media storm.

Based on social media response, his track was not worth 5 days and memes/videos were created destroying social media and also Meek Mill career as you are reading this.

#TeamDrake & #TeamMeekMill feud still going, comment below your opinions on the whole situation.


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