An attempt was reportedly made to kidnap a student of Eltham High School while walking to school last week. The student said he was walking along Brunswick Avenue at the time of the incident.

The police have confirmed that the matter was reported to them and they are investigating.

The young man said he was walking when he felt someone hold his bag pack . When he turned around, he saw a “big, thick black man” taking a gun from his waist. The man reportedly said: “come yah bwoy mek mi kidnap you”.

The child said, in fear, he shouted out and another man exited the vehicle and attempted to grab him. He reportedly ran and raised alarm. He said he saw two men on bicycles who he told of the incident, however, the men went back in the vehicle and sped off in the direction of Spanish Town.

The vehicle is said to be a black heavily tinted station wagon with white plates.


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