Following up the recent ‘Rio Drama’ with Usain Bolt and his 20 year old mistress who had exposed him on social media recently.

We’ve just recieved some disturbing news that she has now confirmed to the media that she is pregnant and we know Usain Bolt and Kasi Bennet is not going to be on good terms after this newly discovered information.

Image result for Jady Duarte

Based on Jady Duarte statement to the press, she only found out that she missed her period days ago and did a test which eventually proved that she is indeed pregnant for the legendary Track star Usain Bolt.


She recently leaked this image on her social media account to let the world know. We haven’t seen any response from Bolt on the matter. Whether this is true or not, maybe some plot to gain some cash from the record holder track star.

She would reap alot if this turns out to be true, regards to Usain Bolt & Kasi Bennett o resolving this latest development.

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