A man tried to ASSASSINATE rapper Young Thug inside an Atlanta movie theater yesterday – according to multiple MediaTakeOut.com insiders. Rapper Young Thug nearly LOST HIS LIFE last night inside an Atlanta movie theater – all because he was F*CKING SOME THOT.


Here’s what the STREETS say went down last night. Atlanta HIP HOP superstars were enjoying the screening of the top new film called FINESSE – in the building were ROCKO, MIGOS, TRINIDAD JAMES, YOUNG THUG, and more celebs. After the screening was over, a man tried to come over to YOUNG THUG – but security would NOT LET HIM GET NEAR.

An insider told MediaTakeOut.com, “Dude was like ‘why did you f*ck my girl . . . why you have to do that’. Everyone was laughing like it was a joke. Then the guy pulled out a pistol and started shooting.”

Luckily Young Thug, and the rest of the celebrities managed to escape without getting shot. Two ther folks were injured though, a woman caught one in the leg and a guy got popped in the butt cheek.


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