Burglar Caught Making Love In Victim’s Bed in Old Harbour Jamaica – Laughter Took Over The Community

Tongues were left wagging, and there was much laughter in the sleepy fishing village of Old Harbour Bay, St Catherine, after a man was arrested for housebreaking last week.

The laughter surrounds how the suspect was held. It is said that the owner of the house returned to see the housebreaker in her bed sweating profusely in the company of a female. An alarm was made, and the man, who was said to be a “regular”, was held by the police.

Expressed concerns

He is yet to be charged for the offence. However, a number of persons have expressed concerns about how the incident unfolded.

“This come in like a dream. How could this man break inna the woman house and find himself in bed with a female as if it’s his own? Something is wrong man,” a resident, who spoke on a condition of anonymity

Meanwhile, investigators said that it a serious offence, and that due process will be carried out with a view of laying criminal charges against the suspect.


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