Jamaica Athletics Admi-nistrative Association (JAAA) president, Dr Warren Blake, says Ohara Might face a penalty.

“This is something that will have consequences for the students and the schools. It can affect students going to college overseas and we have to be very careful,” added Small, referring to US collegiate rules, which stipulate that students with certain financial support are not eligible for athletic scholarships,”

” This is a schoolboy and schoolgirl championships. You are here to represent your school. This is not about the individual and, therefore, we have to be mindful and have to make sure that corporate Jamaica does not exploit the students in any way. We know that in the amateur circles, there can be immediate sanctions. We will be meeting with the JAAA on Monday (today) to look at the rules that we must put in place to ensure that it doesn’t happen,” Small added.

Adding salt to LIME’s wounds, Digicel Ohara also beat Lime’s ambassador Jahleel Hyde in the hurdles.


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