Our hearts are breaking for Celine Dion. The songbird just lost her husband Rene Angelil on Jan. 14, and now her brother Daniel is dying of the same form of cancer that took her beloved Rene’s life! What are the chances?

So sad! Celine Dion, 47, is newly grieving the loss of her husband of 21 years Rene Angelil, who died after a 20 month battle with terminal throat cancer, and now he’s about to lose her 59-year-old brother Daniel Dion to the same disease. It’s been reported that his death is impending and he has only “hours” to live. Read on to learn more about her beloved older brother.

“Mom arrived very quickly in Montreal.She is 89-years-old and she is very strong. He is surrounded, the whole family together. We are with Daniel, day and night. It looks a lot like René, he had cancer of the throat, tongue and brain,” Celine’s sister Claudette told The Journal Of Montreal about her brother’s condition. “He is 59 years old, very young to be the end of life,” she added.

Our thoughts go out to Celine and her family during this incredibly difficult time.


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