Singing sensation leads a team of medical experts in what could be Angélil’s last day

While her fans celebrate the holiday season, Celine Dion is leading an around-the-clock team of medical experts caring for her ailing husband René Angélil ,as he continues his battle against fatal throat cancer.

Celine Dion Dying Husband Rene Angelil

According to a new report, the superstar mother of three, 46, is throwing herself into the full-time care as a way of helping cope with the heartbreak of what she and Angélil believe could be their last Christmas together at their Las Vegas mansion.

Angélil’s health did improve recently, and he was able to leave the family home to watch his eldest son René Charles, 14, play ice hockey for his team the Nevada Storm in Las Vegas.

Celine’s relatives said Angélil’s illness had been particularly difficult for the the teen. “It has been hard on him but the other two, the twins [Eddie and Nelson, 5], are quite young, fortunately,” Clement said.

Denise said, “There are medical staff in the house but it’s Celine who leads. They take care of all the medical issues, of course. They are the experts but Celine is on top of everything. She knows exactly what is going on. She just wants the very best for him.”

Denise continued, “All the family has been praying for René’s recovery. It has been hard on everybody in the family. Celine doesn’t take any time for herself. All she does is take care of René. She does everything to take care of him.”


“Celine is happy Rene made an improvement. She knows he is sick, but now she is happy,” Clement said. “Rene wants her to continue working her residency. He wants her to get outside the home and have her singing to concentrate on. I think it has helped her, too. It’s been good for her to have something to focus on.”

Dion is now on a break from performing at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas and will return to continue her lengthy residency on December 30.


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