One of Jamaica’s most popular Chinese restaurants was so dirty that environmental health officers considered closing it on the spot, it emerged today.

A council team discovered a catalog of contraventions of the food safety legislation at the popular Chinese restaurant on Saturday.

They included rat droppings in the food storage areas, raw eggs and defrosting raw chicken next to cooked food and a lack of routine cleaning of rooms where food was stored, handled and prepared.

Chinese Restaurant Under Fire – Serious_

Between March and October 2012, the popular self-service buffet restaurant in the city of Kingston serving Chinese and Thai meals – was visited six times and on each occasion serious and repeated hygiene problems were found.

Liverpool restaurant The Buffet Star….. health hazard pics see ldpe synd 18 feb 2013

On his first inspection in March last year, the environmental health officer noted the lack of routine cleaning had resulted in a major build-up of food debris and grease on surfaces including floors, walls, pipework, equipment and doors

The tiled floor covering and walls were not in a good state of repair, which meant they could not be easily disinfected.

The inspector said he considered ordering the restaurant to close immediately – but because it was so busy and nearly closing time he instructed the manager to stop staff preparing food and start cleaning.


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