This has to be the most adorable father-daughter dance ever! With his precious baby girl Royalty in his arms, Chris Brown had a fun dance party with his friends to some Fetty Wap, and it’s just something you have to see!

Royalty may just be 1 years old, but she’s the life of the party! Her dad Chris Brown, 25, threw an impromptu dance party with some of his friends while on tour, and he sings along to Fetty Wap with Royalty in his arms. She’s completely fascinated by Chris and it’s so adorable!

Chris just can’t stop being the most adorable dad! The “Loyal” singer showed off his goofy side in a video with Royalty, and we love it! The fedora-wearing (and shirtless!) Chris filmed himself hilariously bopping around to Fetty Wap’s song, “Again,” while holding Royalty.

He even looks at her when he’s mouthing the words and it’s so precious — and definitely a step up from singing the sexually-explicit “Studio” to her! Royalty then points to a group of Chris’ friends fist-pumping to the song and her reaction is priceless.





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