When most people rest and relax, they kick their feet up and lay back on their couch to chill. With Chris Brown, 26, he wants two people sitting next to him on his sofa: his daughter, Royalty, and his ex, Rihanna, 27. It is said that Breezy called up RiRi to invite her over for spend some downtime together.

Chris “told Ri by phone he wants some R&R time with her,” adding that at first, Rihanna thought Chris was being “all sexual.” However, Chris denied it and told her that he wanted RiRi to hang out with him and Royalty — thus, R&R.

She “gasped”. “He explained to her that he’s thankful for the gifts she sent Royalty and he’d love for the three of them to chill and re-connect.” While she thought her ex was thinking about getting romantic, the only things on Breezy’s mind were diapers!

Chris joked around “and told [Rihanna] he wants her to change some of Royalty’s diapers, even the mushy ones,” Rihanna laughed at this challenge and, according to the source, told Chris she was not afraid.

Rihanna’s bravery might lead her to take Chris up on his offer to hang out and go see Kobe Bryant play on Christmas. She has been missing Chris’s sweet side, especially their “cuddling sessions.” Plus, Breezy might be on RiRi’s mind, since their collaboration, “Counterfeit,” hit the Internet on Nov. 27. The song, also featuring Wiz Khalifa and Kelly Rowland, opened up Chris’s Before The Party mixtape. It seems that Rihanna is on Breezy’s mind, too.


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