This week, the world was shocked with the news that Chris Brown had allegedly pointed a gun and assaulted a woman outside his LA home. Now more details are starting to emerge about the attack and the woman who came to his home that day, and some things are starting to look a little fishy, if true.

chris-brown-standoff-HbyAccording to several sources, Baylee Curran, the woman who has accused Chris of the attack is actually friends with Brown’s child’s mother Nia Guzman.


Apparently, the two have been friends for some time now and this has led some people to believe that the incident happened as a plot against Chris.


The two ladies reportedly meet back in 2015 at a Matt Barnes house party and have been in contact ever since.

Snip20150308_3If you’ve followed the trials and tribulations of Chris and Nia’s nasty custody battle, you may be inclined to think that something is up too.


The two have not been on good term ever since their child was born and last month things got even worse when the court denied Guzman full custody of the two-year-old Royalty.


Now with this new set of circumstances brewing, it could only make things worse for Chris and Royalty. Many believe she could use these new circumstances to pull custody from Chris.Baylee-Curran-Chris-Brown-1-696x385

With the bombshell reveal that Guzman and Curran are friends, it’s led many people to believe that there may be some play setup to gain custody.


Interestingly enough, Royalty was actually supposed to be in Chris’ care at the time of the assault, but was not home at the time police came.


In case you’re just catching up on the drama, Baylee called 911 on the Brown this weekend, claiming he pulled a gun at her while she was hanging out at his house.


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