Chris Brown after slamming reports that he was a no show at court today has something to celebrate today – According to reports the R&B singer who is a strong candidate for father of the year has  won joint custody of his adorable 1-year-old daughter, Royalty.

Breezy battled against the Royalty’s mother, Nia Guzman, in a Houston court Friday morning TMZ reports. Guzman was pushing to deny Brown custodial rights and only wanted to allow him supervised visits.

However the judge disagreed and ruled that Royalty would go back and forth every four days. Brown and Guzman both live in Los Angeles.


Brown, who was in the courtroom with Geragos on Friday, was reportedly ordered to pay Guzman $2,500 per month in child support. She had asked for $15,000. The judge also ordered Guzman to not discuss the case on social media.

Browns’ obvious adoration of his recently discovered daughter was further proven in late August when the singer announced that the title of his upcoming album would be named Royalty.

The world found out that Brown was a father in early March, and he’s has been making up for lost time with his daughter ever since.


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