It appears Chronixx still has a permit to work in the United States. The rumour mill has been grinding in the past few weeks that his US visa and work permit were revoked after his ‘waste man’ Twitter comments which many feel were aimed at American president Barack Obama during his recent visit to Jamaica.

The artiste and his team, who are currently overseas, did not address the questions about his US travel documents. Instead, they sent the media a copy of the artiste’s itinerary for the US leg of his Capture Land Tour, which begins on May 23 and ends June 20, with 22 dates.

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This suggests that the 22-year-old artiste (born Jamar McNaughton) has not had his visa/work permit revoked by the United States Embassy in Kingston.
The tour kicks off on the west coast in California and culminates in Florida. The stops will take in states Chronixx is trying to build a following such as Utah, Colorado, Ohio and Illinois, while staying true to reggae strongholds in Connecticut, New York, Washington, DC and Georgia.

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Chronixx ignited a firestorm in April when he took to social media and penned what seemed a call for Jamaica’s first National Hero, Marcus Garvey, to have his criminal record in the US expunged.


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