Patsy Ricketts Slams Chronixx

Renowned dancer Patsy Ricketts is adding her voice to the Chronixx saga. Earlier this week, she made a post on Facebook slamming the controversial singer.  Ricketts who is the mother of reggae singer Alty George Nunes otherwise called J.O.E who passed away in 2011, said Chronixx became a part of her family’s life after her son’s passing.

She says, he was with them for roughly two years during which they worked on his popular hits Behind Curtain and Spirulina.  The post also stated that the Jah Ova Evil Rastafarians have completely disassociated themselves from the young man. One sentence read “he obviously decided that he had used us enough and has never turned back to even say thank you, now who is the waste man?”

The post follows an uproar after Chronixx made a post to his Instagram account during President Obama’s visit that said “we glorifying some waste man’.

He later denied that the post was making reference to the President.


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