Yesterday Future BLASTED Ciara – claiming that she won’t allow him to see his son Future. Ciara responded with this from her representative:

A source close to Ciara tells E! News exclusively that the “I Bet” singer has never prevented Future from seeing his son and that he does not and has not paid $15,000 in child support.As to why the rapper would go on Twitter with such bold statements, our source claims Future is jealous that Ciara has moved on and “that Future uses the situation to promote his music by staying in the press using her name.”Future has told her he hopes she fails in everything she does and that’s just being evil,” our insider shared. “He is unable to move on and co-parent in a healthy way.”

As you’d expect -the truth lies somewhere IN BETWEEN ¬†what the two are saying.¬†First off, as far as CHILD SUPPORT, Future pays upwards of $10K a month to Ciara. He pays her cash, and directly pays for her nannies and rent on her Los Angeles home (which it’s unclear whether she is still living in). The couple do NOT have any formal court ordered child support payments.

Second, Ciara believes that Future is UPSET that she’s moved on – and that he’s jealous. She is KIND OF RIGHT . . . and KIND OF WRONG. We spoke with Future’s close friend who tells us, “[Future] still wants Ciara in his life, and he would like it if they still [slept together], but he doesn’t want her back.” The insider continues, “He really doesn’t mind that she’s dating someone else, it’s more of an ego thing.”

Ciara’s folks say differently though. Her peeps CONFIRM with us that Future has bought her MULTIPLE GIFTS in the past year that suggest that he still wants her back.

Third, the Russell Wilson situation. Future thinks that Ciara and Russell Wilson are using his son for fame – and he doesn’t like it. Future’s insider explained, “People think Future is jealous because Russell’s around his son – that’s not true. His other baby’s mothers have boyfriends and [Future] is OK with it. It’s just the way that Ciara are using Future’s son. It’s almost like they’re trying to make Russell look like he’s [baby] Future’s father. It’s very disrespectful.” We asked specifically if Future hated Russell Wilson – and we were told “YES.”

Future’s peeps wanted us to make it clear that Future does NOT INTEND to do any harm to Russell. They explained, “Russell called the police already on Future. We don’t want any problems with law enforcement.


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