Over the past year, things have gotten pretty ugly between former couple Ciara and Future. The two have been embroiled in several lawsuits against each other, including a civil suit regarding Future’s defamatory tweets against his son’s mother. The two have also been battling it out in court over who should get custody of their 1-year-old son Future Jr.


Ciara has been fighting for sole custody of baby Future, who she wants to raise with her current fiancé Russell Wilson. Sources say that the battle for sole custody went to court today, where Ciara asked that Future be stripped of any parental duties over their son. But things didn’t work out quite as planned…


Apparently Ciara’s lawyer bad mouthed Future to the judge from the beginning of the proceedings. She claimed that the Atlanta rapper is a bad parent, who is not active in his child’s life and therefore does not deserve to have custody in any manner. She also went on to detail Future’s history of drug use as another reason he should be stripped of his duties.


For Future’s part, he also showed up and argued that he is ready and willing to be present in his son’s life… and the judged believed him. The court decided to give shared 50/50 custody to both parents, rejecting Ciara’s allegations. California law generally favours shared parenting, so this is in line with standard practice.


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