Ciara and Russell Wilson are reportedly expecting their first child together! The singer and football star have been married for just over two months, and if you listen to Ciara’s diehard fans on social media, the singer reportedly has a bun in the oven. The rumors began on September 11, when Ciara posted a fun video of herself dancing with former Miss Americas before the big pageant.

There’s one heavily pregnant woman on the right side of the frame, but Ciara stans couldn’t get over their belief that something seemed up with her outfit. The singer has washboard abs, and likes to flaunt that. But in the video, she’s wearing high-waisted stretchy pants. When she turns to the side and does a body roll, it could be argued that she has a tiny bump.

To add fuel to that fire, Ciara wore a dress with a huge peplum to the Miss America pageant, covering her stomach. Hmm… “@ciara you better go AWF with that baby bump!” one fan tweeted. “Ciara you can not get pregnant now, I can not stay another year without hearing new music,” wrote another. Russell’s also been posting some very cryptic, very joyful tweets in the past couple weeks. It seems like he has something major to celebrate, but hasn’t revealed what the good news is. Did he just find out that he and his new wife are allegedly being blessed with a baby


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