Detectives from the Centre for the Investigation of Sexual Offences and Child Abuse (CISOCA) have launched a probe into a recent ‘dance routine’ involving entertainer Marvin the dancer, his cronies and a female.

Head of CISOCA, Superintendent Enid Ross-Stewart told Loop News that police have since reviewed the online video of the incident. The video shows what appears to be a girl being humiliated on stage by Marvin the Dancer and at least three other men during one of his routines.

Police said they were now trying to find the girl to find out her age to determine whether charges could be laid against the dancer.

“If she is under age, the police would be able to act. In the case where the victim is over age she would have to make a complaint to the police,” one senior officer explained.

The officer went further to explain that if it is indeed a case where the alleged victim is mentally challenged – as it is being reported by some media outlets – a relative of the victim would have to make a report.

The footage which went viral last week shows Marvin the Dancer and his cronies chasing the female. In the video, it appears the female tries to get away but is cornered by the marauding males who force themselves on her while gyrating wildly.

The female even flees into a room in an attempt to escape the brutish advances of the men but things got only worse for the girl.

One of the men places a bucket over her head and pounds hard on it, all while smiling broadly.

The footage has triggered widespread condemnation from several groups.

The dancer has since used his instagram page to apologize for the incident but this has done nothing to stop the reactions of concerned members of the public.


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