A woman was killed in a hit and run accident, along the Savannah main road in Hayes, Clarendon, last evening (Jan 16).

Relatives have identified her as 51 year old dressmaker Monica Whitter, also called Shereen, of Hillside district in Hayes.

Reports are that about 6:30 p.m. Whitter was walking along the roadway, when she was hit by a motor vehicle, that was allegedly being operated as a taxi.

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A resident tells Irie FM News that the impact sent Whitter over a fence, and unto a concrete surface.

Further reports are that the motorist drove the car to the Hayes police station, where he abandoned it.

Its reported that earlier this morning the man’s relatives accompanied him to the police station.

An officer at Hayes confirmed that the driver has been taken into custody.

Mrs. Whitters husband, Leroy, who was visibly distraught, tells Irie FM News that he’s not sure how he will live without his wife.

And, her sister Marva Parchment, was inconsolable.


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