Upcoming Dancehall artist Clymax is hitting back at Vanessa Bling’s recent post saying the “Independent Ladies” singer is a liar.

On Wednesday the former Portmore Empire member responded to a diss track Clymaxx previewed in which she claims Bling was dumped by Kranium after they had a one-night stand.

“It soo sad to see someone that I never met or know will go over hills and valleys to diss me to get attention,” Bling captioned a photo decked in all black.

“So here it is good luck on your journey u actually have talent hope you get a hit out of this #staystrongsis your time will come soon,” she added.

However Clymaxx is calling BS and uploaded a photo with the two judging a competition together, she also says Bling was the one who started the feud.

“To how yu fraid a di war yu start tell lie b***h????? suh hw yu did a kill up yuself n a gwaan d most way on dis day nw u cum a tell lie???,” she wrote.

“Is a weak gaza link dis…. Yu seh a u a ‘di baddest ting n di sickest ting’ but yu lie dem better dan yu lyrics chuss mi….”

“Dont talk up suh much nxt time if u fraid fi act ediot!!! or yu wah ppl feel a me trouble yu fus??? cuz ntn nuh wrong enuh.”

“Atleast u already ready fi yu funeral!!! Who nuh like it…. u already kno wat to do lol,” she added.

The beef between the two started last week Clymaxx uploaded a freestyle dissing Bling allegedly after her Baby Daddy Masicka refused to help launch her career however opted to do a new collaboration with Vanessa Bling recently.

However sources are now saying Bling provoked Clymaxx and that’s the reason she lashed out.


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