He’s known for outlandish confidence and running his mouth, but Conor McGregor’s biggest insult to upcoming opponent Floyd Mayweather was more subtle than usual.

The UFC champion and boxing legend faced off for the first time ahead of the mega fight next month, with both McGregor and Mayweather trading endless verbal barbs.

But the biggest insult from the 28-year-old Irish-born fighter was hidden in plain view of Mayweather, 40, with McGregor wearing a suit complete with pin stripes containing the words ‘F**K YOU’ throughout the press call.

But Irish-born McGregor's biggest insult to his upcoming US-born opponent Mayweather was incredibly subtle, with the words 'F**K YOU' written to look like pinstripes on his suit (pictured)

The expletive, which has been used so often by McGregor towards his opponents it has become somewhat of a catchphrase, was written all over the handmade suit.

McGregor ensured his suit would steal the show at the Los Angeles press call, after he abused Mayweather for only choosing to wear just a stars and stripes tracksuit.

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