The man who was shot dead by police on Wednesday minutes after he carried out a daring daylight attack on a man close to Hunts Bay Police station was a contract killer, police sources have disclosed.

Known by members of the criminal underworld as ‘Shadow’, the man was believed to be responsible for more than seven murders across the island, sources have told Paparazzija News.

Police said the man has been on their wanted list for months but had managed to elude their dragnet on several occasions.

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Sources said the ‘gun for hire’ was known for his fearless stunts and was part of a group of contract killers, who would try to outdo each other with daring acts.

His reign of terror would come to an end on Wednesday minutes after he shot and injured a man close to Hunts Bay Police station and was trying to make his escape from the area but was challenged by a group of policemen

He was shot dead seconds after opening fire at the police team. A bullet proof vest, four loaded magazines and one extended clip with 26 rounds of ammunition were removed from his body, police sources told Paparazzija News.

Meanwhile, as news of the death circulates, police have launched a massive manhunt for another man who they believe participated in the attack on the man close to the police station.

Sources said it is believed the second man being searched for was shot and injured during the gun battle with the police.

“Information we receive is that two men on a motorcycle carried out the attack. One was shot and killed, the second person escaped we are at this time searching for that individual,” police said.


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