A jilted lover is the suspect in the double murder in Tacarigua Trinidad on Wednesday, where 18-year-old Jewel George and her 20 year old friend AkeemBascillo were shot and killed on the street, as they walked out of a pharmacy at Eastern Main Road, Dinsley Junction.

The killings happened at around 9p.m. Police were told that the two victims were approached by a man who shouted, pulled a gun and began firing. Both died at the scene.

Grieving relatives said Bascillo was a popular disc jockey .

“The man was just normal…he eh deserve this… he eh deserve this at all… what you kill them for? Come na man….life is to precious for you to just waste it like that…you take away my cousin for what? For nothing,” said a relative.

Homicide investigators on the scene told Express that this was the fourth report that they had received within six hours.

Express was informed that while officers were on the Tacarigua scene, they were told about a shooting homicide in Port of Spain.


According to police reports, at about 9p.m. Franklin Carr, 51, of Upper St Barbs, Second Hamlet Trace, Laventille, was driving a silver Nissan Almera, along Nelson Street, Port ofSpain, when upon reaching in the vicinity of Apartment Buildings 16-18, he was shot.

Residents of the area notified police and upon checking, they found Carr slumped across the passenger front seat of his vehicle.

At around 3p.m. on Tuesday, John Phillip, 28, of Bazilon Street, El Dorado, was stabbed to death after getting into a fight with an unknown assailant. Philli was a technician with Car Search Limited and was in company with another employee in the vicinity of El DoradoRoad when the incident occurred.

Phillip was stabbed several times to his chest and arms and had to be rushed to the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex for treatment.

On Saturday morning Kareem Turton, 28, and Amit Ramlogan, 18, were both shot to death in Belmont; while on Saturday night Amit Samaroo, 30, and Kimberly Mohammed, 19, were both gunned down in Icacos Village.


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