Paparazzi Jamaica has received some shocking news from sources close to the Vendetta Clan headman, The source which asked to remain unknown revealed that Alkaline is secretly going blind!

A local caller phoned our hot line with some jaw dropping information about Danchall’s ‘Champion Boy’ deejay Alkaline. The caller who seemed to be distraught from his tone, introduced himself as a key member of the Vendetta Clan gang.


Alkaline Going Blind!

“Mi feel a way inna mi self fi know seh dis a happen to the deejay, but mi think him fans dem need fi know wah gwan” the source told Best of Elite.

On Alkaline going blind, The source went further to say;

“One day wi easy back an a bun some weed and him seh him head a hurt him and him eye dem kinda blurry so him go tek a nap” he continued.

“When him wake up him seh him still a si blurry but the head ache did stop”

When we asked how long ago this occurred the source was tight lipped. Efforts to contact Alkaline to get a comment on the matter was futile.


Eyeball Tattoos

“Scleral” tattooing, also known as “eyeball tattooing” is a fascination among a new generation of extreme body modifications. According to an expert in the Tattoo art field, the side effects experienced from too much ink in the eyes are long headaches, extreme sensitivity to light, and migration and staining of ink to the immediate tissues. Obviously, these risks go up if you have previous eye problems or contact lenses, hence blindness can occur. This Russ Foxx told the Huffington Post.

Alkaline eyeball tattoos

To tattoo the eyes, they used two different procedures. First they used a traditional needle with ink on it, but when the ink didn’t hold, they switched to a syringe that injected ink into the eye. The most recent posts indicate that all was well, with one of the guys saying it felt like he had something in his eye.


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