Congratulations may be in order for Gage. It seems has though he may be becoming a father soon.

The artist reportedly got Tommy Lee’s former groupie pregnant.


Gage hadn’t acknowledge the 19-year-old female who has a history of dating and sleeping with celebrities.

USER SUBMITTED: “So I get to understand that you only 19 & u f**k how much artise ? As a new artise come out u find yuh way inna di ppl dem life , well a nuh that mi come fah stills , remember the boy Weh did follow alkaline go tattoo him eye ? Mase or whatever him call him self , when di boy story did all over the place cuz him never buss him name did just a call up she & him did deh some std business did gwaan she must did get it from tommy lee & give him mi nuh too sure but that’s the story that was surfacing the Internet … Mase lef her , a month after gage buss a she & him that yes guys she is Gage’s “baby mom” .

“Gage nuh give her no knowings one time she used to a post him up 24/7 but from she ketch di belly she stop it look like gage nuh want nobody know cuz him nah give her no forward … Likkle girl u just 19? & behave suh ? GLAD YUH BRING YUH BABY STILL BUT LAWD WEH U WAH GRIND OFF ALL DI DANCEHALL ARTISE DEM SUH ?”


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