IMAGE is very important in the competitive arena of dancehall. However, emerging singjay Furtyle Brain has pushed the envelope: he had two horns implanted atop his head.

Furtyle, whose given name is Kenardo André Robinson, said the implants were done in Jamaica by a Canadian-based surgeon.


“It’s really the process where the implants are implanted in the skull. I was sedated during the surgery but had to be given lots of painkillers when I revived because it is very painful,” he said.

The 29-year-old explained why he did the surgery.

“I do believe that I got some form of prophetic instruction by God. I didn’t do this alone,” he said.

But it’s not without its backlash.

“There are some who think that I am demonic, but it doesn’t bother me much as I am not the first artiste who is picked on. There are others who have done far less than I have done and have received a backlashing and bashing,” he said.

In recent times, dancehall artistes Alkaline, Mace and Checkdhat have sent tongues wagging with their outlandish body art, which range from inked eyeballs, bleached skin, and multiple facial piercings.

Born and raised in Montego Bay, Furtyle said he had aspirations of becoming a rapper but had a change of heart years later. In 2010, he released his debut single Kickers over Clarks, which was a counteraction to Vybz Kartel’s hit single Clarks.

Among his latest releases are Moneyology and Pocket Money, produced by Jones Ave label and UIM Records, respectively. Both singles were released in November of last year. Furtyle Brain said he is also busy producing his mixtape called Wickedest Lyricist.



  1. Boss man nuh bring God inna u crap, if God did want u fi have horns him woulda mek u born with them. You are just a dumbass.

  2. Seriously, dancehall music in Jamaica is crap. These new breed of artists have some mental issues. They have no sense of self, everyone is trying to attract attention. This guy looks like a complete idiot with those horns.


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