Body alterations seem to have become the latest trend in Dancehall culture with several popular female dancers recently admitting to going under the knife in order to sculpt their dream bodies.

Two of the most popular female dancers to recently embrace the trend are Dance Hall Queen’s Headtop Aneika and Sher, who both underwent cosmetic surgery earlier this year to alter their figures.

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According to DHQ Headtop Aneika, who says she had surgery to remove fat from her stomach and back, she believes every woman contemplating such procedures should have it done, as long as they can afford it.

Despite some negative opinions, Aneika says she holds no regrets as she did it out of self-love, as she simply wants to become the best version of her self.

The popular dancer hit back at some of her critics claiming that they are hypocritical, as they will openly praise international superstars such as Nicki Minaj and Cardi B for their altered figures while bashing her and DHQ Sher.

The Female dancer, who went under the knife a few weeks ago was quick to dispel any concerns the procedure would hamper her performances, claiming that her agility remains intact, and fans expect the same level of performance once she is fully healed.


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