Member of Parliament for North Western St Ann Dr Dayton Campbell has upset several Twitter users with a post he made earlier today in reference to Opposition Leader Andrew Holness.

Accompanying a shot of an invitation to a young leaders town hall meeting with President Barack Obama that is slated for Thursday at the University of the West Indies’ (UWI) Mona campus, Dr Campbell tweeted: “I wonder if Holness a get any invite to come, oh Lord sorry I just remember that him “young” but him not a good youth”.

Several Twitter users did not take kindly to the MPs tweet and admonished Dr Campbell saying there is a time and place for everything with others questioning his maturity.

One user tweeted: “@DaytonCampbell? I see that your maturity still hasn’t caught up to the responsibility you’ve been entrusted with. Do better man.”

While another tweeted: “@DaytonCampbell? good Lord, how petty!”

Still another user tweeted: “@DaytonCampbell? I had you as a good youth…until this tweet..despicable.”

And others tweeted: “@DaytonCampbell @RudeBoyPolitics? very irresponsible sir cant believe a professional would stoop this low” as well as “@DaytonCampbell? there’s a time n place for ur childish remarks about the opposition leader ANDREW HOLNESS. He who laugh last laugh the best.”

Dr Campbell has not responded to the users admonishing him for his tweet but instead responded to a user who said he would not retain his constituency seat saying: “NW St Ann naw gamble them a stick to Campbell. None more winnable for me than my seat”.


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