On August 22nd in Downtown, Kingston someone videoed a woman screaming and chanting some strange words which caused panic in the surrounding Downtown area.

Paparazzi Jamaica got the understanding that persons who witness this scary scene was also trying to calm the woman “but nothing was working” said one person. Another woman who is said to be a church goer understood what the lady was chanting and could confirm that her body was under the control of a demon.

The church lady tried her best to calm the woman by asking for assistance from neighboring men who were watching the strange but in some sense amusing for some unfold with the poor young lady, she received such assistance by asking them to hold her down while she said some memorized scriptures from the bible in order to get the demon out.


In doing so she got the female to calm but still continued to preach for the revival of her innocent soul to return to her body as the demon left. The female was knocked out during the process and based on what witness told Paparazzi Jamaica they carried the female to the nearest hospital which would be Kingston Public Hospital (KPH) for recovery.

Video of the incident can be found below, witness the truth that the demons do exist in our world.

[huge_it_video_player id=”4″]

The woman who was troubled by the demon name is still not known at the moment of writing this article but we can gladly say the woman is now recovering from the tiring battle with demon.

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