Controversial Dancer DHQ Nickeisha has confirmed that she’s three months pregnant for her longtime boyfriend Marvin The Beast.

After Marvin’s wife, Lisa shared the news on Instagram live earlier this week, Nickeisha immediately took to her profile to confirm the reports.

“M&N ❤ people I’m 2/3 months pregnant,” she captioned a photo with ‘The Beast.’

She then continued by bashing her haters saying they can’t end her relationship with Marvin despite the rumors they fabricate.

“All a who a plan up an do unuh f**kery unuh CAN’T STOP M&N No time, we #UNSTOPPABLE unuh can’t an will never bring us down NO MATTER THE CIRCUMSTANCES OR WHAT EVER UNUH WAA COOK UP.”

According to her, while her haters keep talking they’re busy working and making money.


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