Lisa Hanna Allegedly Flees Jamaica due to threats from Vybz Kartel fans!

News from a credible source is that Lisa hanna is no longer in Jamaica due to backlash from the nationwide talk show where she imposed that vybz kartel music should be banned from the airwaves. Sources also told Vybzmedia that lisa hanna was on edge when she received over 1,600 threat from gaza fans.

Speaking about Vybz Kartel on Nationwide 90 FM recently, Hanna questioned whether corruption is involved in the recording of songs by the incarcerated artiste.

Asked whether the music of convicted persons should be banned from the electronic media, Hanna responded, “… I am prepared to have that discussion [with a view of] coming to a decision that says, ‘in the best interest of our country, we have to identify what rules are rules and what privileges are privileges.’ If you are convicted, perhaps it is [that] your music needs not be played on the radio,” Hanna said.

Since then, some social media users have issued death threats and have promised to withdraw their political support.


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