Last week a video for Dexta Daps hit single 7 Eleven was released, which drew harsh criticisms from fans, who were reportedly left disappointed and felt cheated with the video.

Many took to social media to voice thier opinions for what they described as a poorly put together video. The Zee caught up with Troyton Hinds, the producer behind the single who gave us an explanation for what is now playing out in local media.

Paparazzi Jamaica received this story from ZipFM and based on what Troyton Hinds said about the video is just an plain dumb excuse for its failure. Listen to the audio clips below which ZipFM had gathered from the producer.

Audio #1

Audio #2

Audio #3

Now based on what you just heard it would seem as if Troyton Hinds was implying that Jamaica got the CHEAPER version of video first which i still think is an terrible excuse for its failure. What do you think about his commentS on the matter, COMMENT BELOW:


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