Jermaine Barrett, the 26-year-old man who has been suffering with a facial tumour for years, underwent potentially life-saving surgery in the United States on Wednesday.

 According to Shena Carty of Jamaican Madhouse, the group that was instrumental in raising funds for Barrett to finance the multi-million-dollar operation, some 75 per cent of the tumour was removed in Wednesday’s procedure.

She used social media to update well-wishers on Barrett’s progress after the five-hour operation.

“They went into his face and took out 75 per cent of the tumour,” Carty said in a video, explaining that “they took out the part of the tumour that was pushing his face out and he is now in recovery.”

Carty added that, “On Monday, they are going to perform the other part of the surgery and try to get out the part (of the tumour) that is by his brain.”

Barrett’s story, highlighted by Loop News earlier this year, has touched the hearts of Jamaicans at home and abroad, and caught the attention of Prime Minister Andrew Holness who offered financial support.

The former chef has been living with the cancerous tumour in his head, which has disfigured his face, for at least two years.The condition, he said, was triggered after a trip to the dentist in 2008.

Barrett told supporters earlier this year that he lead an active social life and was a productive employee prior to the ailment that wrecked his life.

In the meantime, Carty said doctors are optimistic ahead of the operation on Monday.

“They are confident that the plan is going to work,” Carty said.


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