Doctors at Alabama’s Woman’s Health are shocked and appalled after a woman came in to their clinic complaining of a foul genital odor. Dr. William Wright recalls the 27-year-old who came in last week as a sort of shy and timid girl – until he found something that proved him wrong.

“The young girl had an appointment scheduled with me for a problem she said had been occurring for over a week. It was a foul smell in the genital area that was concerning her the most. She thought she might have some type of bacterial infection,” Dr. Wright told the reporter. “However when I examined her, I discovered something that I had never come across in my 30 years as a Gynecologist. The odor in my patients vaginal area was beyond horrific.”

According to reports, Dr. Wright inserted a plastic speculum to begin his exam he saw an object protruding from Wiggins’ vagina. He used another tool in an attempt to remove the object but he was unable to do so. That’s when Dr. Wright realized Wiggins needed surgery to removed the object. Wiggins was immediately transported to a nearby hospital where the surgery was perform to remove the “mystery object.” That mystery object, Dr. Wright explained, was a rotting cow’s tongue however, it’s origin was initially unknown to him.

After surgery, Dr. Wright waited for the young lady to awake from her anesthesia to find out what really happened. “At first she said she had no idea how a cow’s tongue could have ever got ‘up there’. She was just devastated,” Dr. Wright explained. “Until her friend, who was by her bedside, helped to fill in the blanks.

Remember that night two weeks ago when we got really drunk with those guys?” said the young lady’s friend who rushed to her side for support. “That guy said he wanted to ‘try something different’ with you, and you said ‘ok’. You went to the bedroom, and he went to the fridge. Looked like he pulled out a package of meat. I had no idea what was going on and figured it was none of my business. You must’ve been real drunk!”

Doris Young, the young lady who accompanied Wiggins after surgery, provided permission with Dr. Wright to speak to the reporter to tell this story. She is hoping it will raise awareness to young ladies that getting drunk to the point of blacking out is not okay. The young lady suffered a mild infection, which was treated, and she was released from the hospital the next day. She is said to be in good condition.


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