Drake and Serena Williams may have raised more than a couple of eyebrows after the pair were spotted making out after the tennis star’s WTA triumph a weekend ago, yet will Drake and Serena’s recently revived relationship last?

As indicated by sources near Williams, Drake and Serena are warming up their revived sentiment subsequent to giving it up in 2012.

A source uncovers to E! News that “things are warming up with the couple and the majority of Serena’s companions endorse of the pair.”


The source further clarifies that Drake is “a genuine man of honor and is extremely strong” of Williams’ tennis vocation and occupied calendar.

While Drake and Williams have yet to remark on their growing relationship, the source clarifies that the pair are doing their best to keep their sentiment out of people in general eye.

“They are both private individuals with regards to their own lives,” the source clarifies, conceding that “Drake has dependably really liked Serena, so he is joyous beyond words and will keep on courting her as much as he can.”

Williams’ insider further notes that “Drake is all that much Serena’s sort also. She is a major enthusiast of him and his music.”

Conversely, TMZ reports that as per their Drake and Serena sources, Williams is keeping her watch up concerning giving Drake another gave at a relationship.

Sources disclose to the site that while Serena has been into the Canadian rapper since the time that they dated in 2011, Drake made herextremely upset gravely “on the grounds that he had his eyes on a couple of different chicks in the meantime.”

The source proceeds by saying that while the couple at present have a “decent vibe,” Williams’ companions are advised her against hopping into things too quick for apprehension that Drake will make her extremely upset at the end of the day.

In spite of the cases, a Williams insider tells Daily Mail that the twosome are doing as well as can be expected to get to know each other notwithstanding Williams’ feverish timetable.

A source near Serena clarifies, “openly she says they’re just companions however Drake has been close by all through the competition and when they’ve been far from people in general and loose, it’s really evident that they are as one.”

The source proceeds with, “Serena’s group have been discussing it in the clubhouse to a couple individuals they trust. She has been unbelievably centered around her title offer. Be that as it may, on the off chance that she’s had a tranquil minute she’s went through it with Drake, notwithstanding going to watch his Wireless set and having meals in London.”

Also, sources uncover to Page Six that while the couple has all the earmarks of being dating, Williams and Drake are both excessively caught up with, making it impossible to have a genuine relationship.

“Serena quickly dated Drake around 2011 and despite the fact that it didn’t end that well, they have remained companions from that point onward. He has been next to her at a great deal of competitions as of late, incorporating Wimbledon in July, where he sat in her case alongside her sister Venus.”

The source finishes up, “Serena is single right now and is centered around winning the U.S. Open, and impacting the world forever.”

Do you think Serena Williams and Drake’s relationship will last?


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