Since the recent release of Drake’s album there has been quite some uproar that drake probably was not expecting.

What we would have thought would have been the big hit, ‘Controlla’ featuring Popcaan, was replaced with Beenie Man. Okay, no biggie, seeing that dancehall was still represented but Beenie Man was not featured.

THEN, the next hit ‘Too Good’ featuring Rihanna, BUT Popcaan was also a part of that song and not featured.

Mr Vegas spoke out recently about this, opening the eyes of many Jamaicans and sparked quite some rage demanding an apology for ‘using’ our culture but not giving us enough credit.

In a recent interview Drake apologises ‘dearly’ to Jamaicans about this as he never saw it as a ‘big deal’. He has however promised to make it up big time to Jamaicans on his next album to be released in 2017.

See Mr. Vegas’ Video Below

Mr. Vegas DISSES Drake for Not Giving Dancehall Enough Credit [WATCH VIDEO]




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