Weeks pass since the clash between Mavado and Popcaan, Drakes has kept hush on the feud between his Jamaican friends until recently, but has now come forward to declare a winner in his opinion.

Mavadao and Popcaan has been at it technically dissing each other, after Popcaan started the fued with his hit song ‘World Cup‘, Mavado has then took it upon himself to make a counteraction ‘Dem Run In‘ which was a direct diss towards Popcaan and Demarco.

Popcaan has then replied by calling Mavado “Dutty Dread” and since then it has been it has been affecting Mavado’s feedback from his fans demanding a clash between him and Popcaan. Weeks after Mavado came back with a diss track ‘Funeral‘ which has been reviewed as a great comeback. Only hours later Popcaan replies with ‘RPG‘.

Mavado releases a response ‘Dem Dead Already‘ which self claimed his victory, and based on reports from the GullySide Camp, Popcaan refuses to voice o the rythym Mavado sent to reply on. This automatically led to Mavado ending the clash.

Drake has now made a comment on the matter saying, “Although I’m friends of both artistes I must be honest on who I think the victor is, and based on what I’ve heard I rightfully pronounce Mavado as the true winner.”

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