In an effort to get a piece of the action, Drake sent the hottest adult star a message on Instagram. But Mia Khalifa rejects Drake so hard it’ll make you laugh.

If you don’t know who Mia Khalifa is, she is the number one star on the world’s most-visited adult entertainment website.

Drake became a fan after watching a few of her videos and decided to see if he could get a taste.

When asked what celebrity contacted her, Mia Khalifa didn’t out and say she rejected Drake. She just hinted that he was the one shut down. She said:

“[I’ll] never reveal that [but his name] rhymes with Rake.”

But then she dropped a bombshell about Drake’s “emotions.” And we knew she rejected the rapper so hard it must have crushed him…

When Mia Khalifa rejected Drake, she called him out saying how he “may or may not be a little bit whiny.”

Unfortunatley for Drake, Mia only seems to want another rockstar, Pearl Jam’s lead singer Eddie Vedder.

Maybe if Drake got into the adult film industry he could get a job with Mia and finally get what he wants.


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